In-School Enrichment Program

Did You Know?

Deer Ticks (Black-Legged Ticks) are the only species that carry Lyme Disease.

Deer ticks don’t live in your lawn.

Deer ticks are active all year long.  Snow and frost will not kill them.


A daily tick check drastically reduces

your likelihood of getting sick since

it takes more than 12 hours for a tick to transmit the Lyme bacteria.

If you remove a tick from your skin, you shouldn’t throw it away! 

Kids Will Learn About...

Basic tick biology (bug vs. tick)

The life stages of ticks and

when they are active

Deer tick habitat

How to do their own daily tick checks

What to do if they find a tick 

How to prevent tick bites 

Program Details

Tick Education for 4th and 5th graders

50-minute long interactive presentation - time can be adjusted to accommodate class schedules

Kids will use magnifying glasses

to examine real (but dead!) ticks glued

on a poppy seed bagel.

Kids will apply an actual-size temporary

tick tattoo and bring the classroom

lesson home!

A Fact Sheet will be sent home with

each child—providing information

and guidance for families. 

what are parents saying?

A couple of weeks ago my 8th grade son was diagnosed with Lyme disease.  As a result there has been a heightened awareness of ticks and tick borne illnesses in my household. The other day Emily came home from school after her class was taught about ticks and she gave us a TON of information.  Even though I have been telling her to wear bug spray and do tick checks for a few weeks, she really didn't take it to heart until she learned it in school.  I think the program is excellent and I wish that all of my children had gone through it.

-Meredith K.

We commend the school for providing a tick awareness program this year. We live on the edge of the woods and are already pretty hyper-vigilant about ticks, but it was great to hear our 4th grade daughter come home from school talking about some of the new things she had learned through the presentation. It's an important safety issue to be proactive about in this area, and we appreciate Vinal Elementary getting out ahead of the problem.

-Kevin C.

About Instructor Alison Demong

ALISON M. DEMONG is a Norwell (MA) Selectman who knows first-hand that tick borne illness has seriously altered the lives of many local families, including her own. She recognizes that tick borne illness is a serious public health threat in Norwell, and she has brought numerous tick education opportunities to residents. She is certified as a University of Rhode Island Tick Educator and believes that teaching kids about tick bite prevention is a critical first step in combating this epidemic.

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